Well, since I’ve never blogged before this should be an adventure.

I have always been passionate about marketing.  I always thought I would work at a business and have profound ideas about selling products.  That was until someone asked me, “how does working in marketing really contribute to the kingdom of God?”

Um..I don’t know.

So then I started researching a lot about Church Marketing.  I’m still majoring in marketing, but I try to view them through the lens of seeing the church grow.  It’s hard to focus on something that doesn’t really exist . . . there are like three books written about church marketing.  I am excited about searching and growing myself in my search for and thoughts about how the church can grow and mature through marketing.

How do you market (sell) the church without making the church sell-out?

Church marketing is vital to any part of a church.  We do it without really thinking about it.  A church will not grow if it is not reaching out through marketing to reach out to the community.