A book that I have been reading on and off about church marketing said that even your parking lot can give people a perception of your church.  I have been away at college for a few months, and I got a sweet surprise when I drove to church this morning.  The church had started to add on to their parking lot, and it is definitely needed.  The parking lot has been overcrowded and a maze to park in sometimes.  I thought about how a visitor would view the parking lot and its changes.

If I was a visitor who went to visit my church before the parking lot expansion, I might have thought it was too packed to even bother visiting.  Overcrowded parking lots can be overwhelming.  And also when the parking lot is packed, visitors oftentimes have to park far away.  I think that churches show priority for visitors when they leave space for them by the door, like they are the most honored guest.

If I were a visitor now, with the church expanding the parking lot and refinishing it, I would see growth.  I would see that this is a church that people want to attend.  I would be more eager to visit that church.  So I am hopeful to see the direction that my church is going and I hope it will bring positive growth.

Next week I will be at a new church, in Kenosha, Wisconsin for an internship, and I am looking forward to the new environment and chance to learn.