Service of a congregation propels church growth.  A church cannot grow if a church is not behind it 300%.  You can only send out so many flyers, put up so many ads.  Real change begins when the people (the true church) get out and evangelize and represent their church and serve.  Serving in the children’s area makes it better, you form connections, and it will grow.  The church member that serves by mowing the lawn is helping the church grow.  They make sure the church looks presentable and that the best face of the church is put forward.  No service is too small.  I talked the other day about the parking lot being expanded and redone at my church, well today I went out and helped.  When I was helping, I knew that this parking lot was going to help the church grow.  In service, we increase the chances that our church will grow.  A congregation fuels growth through its acts of service.  A church without an active and serving congregation will not grow, it might not even survive.