Social media is the new trend.  Is your church on board?
I think many churches are behind where they could be in terms of social media.
Social media is huge, it is worldwide.
Look at this info graphic from Advertising Age:
Infographic: Generational Media Usage by Time of Day | Ad Age Stat – Advertising Age.

Look at how great a reach social media has.  There is someone you can reach at any time of the day using social media.

I recently went to a church that has their own social media page for their church members.  On it you can find people you met at church, get connected to a small group, volunteer, chat, submit and receive prayer requests and engage in your church community throughout the week.  This is awesome.

Is your church taking advantage of the scope of social media?

You could have:
-a facebook page all about your church and you could make events so people can send invites to their friends
-a twitter with your church updates
-a church blog about events, baptisms, changes, the sermon series

There are huge opportunities out there for growth via social media.  Why not take advantage?