This is a very interesting blog post, brought to my attention by Luke Freeman (thanks Luke!) and I had a few thoughts that stemmed from my reading it.  Here’s the link if you would like to read it first, which I would encourage

At one point the author says that Easter is “The Black Friday of church shopping” and then goes on to state that there are several similarities between evangelism and marketing.  By definition, evangelism is “the preaching and proclamation of the gospel” and marketing is “the total activities involved in the transfer of goods from producer or seller to the consumer or buyer”.  In some cases you cannot have effective evangelism without marketing.  Whether a church knows it or not, they are using marketing tactics every day.

Now, I am not encouraging exploitation or manipulation of a congregation, but I do not think it is wrong to use tactics that have been proven to work as long as it does not change your message or your values.  I think Easter can be a dangerous time for churches because of this blog.  People can see Easter advertising as “stunts” and “emotional marketing”, and so a church needs to be careful how they are promoting themselves.

All in all, we need to remember the true heart of Easter and never forget why we are celebrating it in the first place.  I do think that Easter is a good time to invite new people in, but churches need to remember the heart of it in the first place.  It can be difficult to not advertise too much as to lose the spirit of the sacrifice.