I recently read a book that consisted of articles compiled from the Heath Brothers, the book was titled, “The Myth of the Garage” (you can find it on amazon).  One of the articles in the book is titled “I Love You.  Now What?”  In this article they discuss how many more people are complaining about things rather than trying to compliment things.  There are tons of places that let you call and complain, but do you remember even one time where there was a number to call to compliment someone on something they have done?

There is a lack of recognition for things done wrong, but what about things done right?  You should always be able to find the good even among the bad.  There should always be something positive that you can tell someone.

Now what about the church?  In my opinion, this complaining plague runs rampant even in our churches.  Whatever happened to letting  gratitude blossom?  When was the last time you found the positive in things even among the bad?  We as Americans, even as Christians, are very likely to only see the bad.  We like to complain about the bad, but we forget about the good.  Won’t the church grow even more and even faster if it is filled with happiness?

The article ends with this quote, “A thank-you creates a radiating halo of happiness—the receiver feels recognized and the giver feels joyful.”  So here is the challenge, look for the good.  Compliment people.  Try to start by complimenting and thanking at least one person a day for this whole week, and I would encourage you to not forget about your pastor or other church leaders.