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I haven’t written in a while because I have been stuck.  My husband, Adam, and I have been attending a smaller church, which we love, but there is not a lot to write about there.

I have been learning a lot while being at this church.  Adam has been teaching Sunday school and preaching the night service every week and I have been teaching the children’s Sunday school class.

It is surprising how much you can learn by simply teaching.  I feel like I am learning every day not just from the Bible and my studies for the week but also from the kids themselves.

I have learned one important thing that when looking at church growth it is not simply about the growth of the church as a whole, but almost more important than that it is about the growth of the individuals and the community within the church.

Now this church that we are attended is not so much focused on the growth of the church as a whole, which I am not saying is good or bad, but they are very concerned with the growth within their community and themselves and that is refreshing.  I think it is important to note and realize how truly important this kind of growth is to a church.  They say that a marriage should be strong before bringing a child into it, but by the same token, a church itself should be strong before trying to bring in other people.

Have you ever seen amazing growth like this?

Just this summer I have witnessed this awesome, God inspired growth in the congregation and it is more exciting to me than if we were growing in attendance.

Another thing I have learned being a part of this church is the power and importance of Christian community and fellowship.  At our church I know everyone’s name and everyone knows me.  We have a fellowship lunch every week.  It does not just feel like a church, it feels like a family, which I believe is exactly how a Christian community should feel.

I have begun reading more books to encourage my thoughts on church growth so hopefully I will be able to share more with you in the coming days.


I am sorry to all my dedicated readers for my lack of imagination and dedication for the summer so far.

I am stuck.  I have not had any idea what to write about.

Any suggestions?  Any book suggestions that I could read for inspiration?