I recently ran across the following quotes:

“It’s considered heresy in some circles. They consider consumerism shallow. … Whether they like it or not, religions are being forced to compete for members.” -Greg Smith

“We live in a competitive religious marketplace. You have to be competitive if you are going to attract and keep members.” -John Smith

Is your church a competitive force in the marketplace?  Yes, those are very “business-y” words, but think about it, is your church “in the fight?”

For me, this seems like a strange way to approach evangelism.  But it is also an interesting thought.  I believe that our churches should not necessarily be in competition with each other but they should, instead, be in competition against the world and the devil.  We should be competitive and passionate about getting people to our church.  Now, I’m not saying that we need to be competitive and passionate about stealing people from other churches, but we need to be passionate in our evangelism.

And are we?

What do you think of these quotes?