Christians have fallen into a trap.  I call it the “you can have it your way trap.”  I succumb to this so often that I named it.  I have this terrible instinct when it comes to churches to run when it gets messy.  If I cannot have it my way, then I am out.  Now, I do not often act on this instinct but I have to admit that it is there.  Where does this idea come from?  When did we as Christians start to think that we could have it our way?  I blame Burger King.


But I have news for you…the church is not Burger King.


This is the problem with a Burger King mentality in church, we are not committed.   If we do not like something that is going on, we leave the church because I suddenly think I should have it my way.  The problem with the Burger King Way is that it makes us selfish, it makes church all about us.  But church is not about us.  It never has been.  Church is all about God.

When you leave a church at the first sign on pickles on your plain cheeseburger, then you make church all about you and what makes you happy.  So I’m here to say, as much as for my own benefit as your own, that the next time you get the “turn and flee” idea planted in your head, ask yourself, “How can my attitude change to make this better?”  See, this way it can still be all about you, but it is now all about you changing your attitude and not changing the church.  It is suddenly how can you better serve the church then how much better the church can meet your needs?

This has been on my heart and mind the past few days and it is something that I get mad at myself about often because somehow in the course of my life this “have it your way” mentality has crept into my mindset about the church.  I have found myself continually tempted to “church shop (a term in itself that encourages people to shop around until they find someplace they can “have it their way”) when I am unhappy when really I should just stay where I am and try my best to make myself better.  Maybe I am the problem, and if that is the case, then I am not going to be happy anywhere.

The point is, this is God’s church, not ours.  We should be more concerned about fixing ourselves and our mindset than fixing the church.