Well, I’m sad to say that I have still not been able to find my notes on that book that I read to share with you, but I’m planning to do some cleaning and organizing this weekend, so hopefully they will turn up.

I wanted to share this really neat opportunity I have with you and ask you to pray about it with me.

A former professor of mine recently passed on a scholarship opportunity that she thought I would be interested in and recommended I apply, and I was very interested in this opportunity.

There is a group called the Religion Communicators Council (which I never knew about before but wish I had).  They are an interfaith group of professionals in the field of religious communication, which is exactly what I hope to be doing with my life long term.  Every year they hold a national convention, this year it is in Indianapolis.  One of the things that they do for this convention is give away a scholarship to an undergraduate, post-undergraduate, or graduate student who is interested in pursuing a profession in religious communication.  The scholarship includes free registration for the convention, the hotel, travel, and food money, and membership fees in the council for two years.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this scholarship and being able to attend the convention this year.  I am currently working on the essays for my application and I am getting more and more excited every time I work on them or think about it.  I just hope I’m not getting my hopes up for nothing.

This would be an amazing opportunity to learn and dialogue about religious communication.  So what I wanted to ask you, is to simply pray about this opportunity for me.  And know, that if I get to go, I will bring back everything that I learn to share with you.  They are supposed to let the applicants know their decision on February 15.  So here’s hoping.


P.S.  I also started another blog.  If you’re interested, check it out here:  http://atwentysomethingme.wordpress.com/