Do you think the size of the church should matter as to whether or not a church should have small groups?

Can a church be too big or too small for small groups?

It is my opinion that small groups can be incredibly powerful for any size church.
For big churches, small groups can be a great way for people to feel connected to a church and a community when that might otherwise be hard.  It can be an opportunity to get on the deeper level, which is why I think it is also important for small churches.  In smaller churches, they usually have bigger sunday school classes of all ages because they don’t have as many people to teach, or maybe if they split up the groups would be too small for sunday school.  In smaller churches, small groups can be a good way to break up into age groups or even interest groups.

In any church small groups can be good because it gives people another chance to interact with the gospel.  I currently attend a small church with attendance usually around 50-80 people.  And we do not have small groups, but I wish we did.  I teach the children’s sunday school class, so I miss the opportunity to be fed in a smaller setting than the sunday morning service.  It would be nice to have a time to dig deeper with a smaller group, which I do not get during sunday school because I am teaching.  Therefore, sunday school can give your teachers a chance to get involved with other adults.

This also leads to the question of what the size of the small groups should be, but that is a question for another time.

Do you think the church size matters when it comes to the importance of small groups?