These are the books that I would recommend if you are looking for more information about church marketing, communications, and business functions.  Check them out and let me know what you think!

Outspoken–Tim Schrader
This book is a compilation of thoughts from several different people in the church communication world.  It is a good book to get a comprehensive look at church communications from people with differing viewpoints.

Church Marketing 101–Richard Reising
This book is amazing.  I may be biased because this book is what got me interested in church marketing in the first place, but it is an overview of all things church marketing.

Branded–Tim Sinclair
I really loved this book.  It made me think about how we brand our church and how we market Jesus.  I would name this definitely a must-read.

Simple Church–Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger
This is not your typical church marketing book.  It is more of a church function book.  I think it is a must-read for knowing how the church can and should be working.  It can help us focus on what really matters.

Franchising McChurch–Thomas White and John Yeats
I added this book on here because it can show the dangers of church marketing and selling out the church.  I recommend this so that you know the dangers that you could be faced with.

Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully Engaged Members of Your Church–Nelson Searcy
This is a practical application book.  This book had great ideas for how to engage first time members and practical steps for how to integrate them into your membership.

Made to Stick–Chip and Dan Heath
This is not a “Christian” book, but it is a business book.  This book really changed how I thought about marketing and advertising.  It had a lot of insight into how people hear information and how we should deliver it.

You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church…And Rethinking Faith–David Kinnaman
I loved this book and it was very eye opening.  Anyone with young Christians in your church (so pretty much all of you) should read this book.

All the books that I think we can get info about church growth from can be found on my Goodreads account:


Do you have any books to recommend?