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My husband and I went to this cute country church on Sunday.  The attendance was about 80 people, we sang out of hymnals, the songs were led by one leader and piano, and we sat in pews in a beautiful stained glass sanctuary.  This was quite different from our usual church.

At our regular church, we sit in chairs put out in a multi-purpose room with a gym floor.  We face a stage with a full worship team and worship band.  We sing from slides and the attendance is around 700.

Now, neither of these churches is better than the other.  They are both doing their job of nurturing followers of Christ.  They are both great places of worship and communion with other believers.

Some people are more comfortable in small, traditional churches.  Some people are more comfortable in the bigger, contemporary churches.  But one is no better than the other.

My husband and I really enjoyed visiting the above church.  We liked the different experience.  i think it is important to switch things up sometimes and be able to have a fresh experience of worship to God.  This last Sunday was very valuable to me.  And I would encourage people to find churches different than their own and go experience worship, fellowship, and communion with Christians in a way that you are not used to.  This can be great for getting you out of the routine of the usual and give you a new spark for experiencing God.