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Churches are like people. 
They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and like people, it’s what is going on in the inside that matters.

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A lot of churches are rooted in tradition.  They do the things that they have always done.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but my question to them would be simple:  why?  And if their answer is “…I don’t know…” then it might be time to either: figure it out, or do something that you know the reason why you are doing it.

Doing something just because you have always done it is a bad reason to do anything in my opinion.  It is interesting what kinds of things in churches have never changed simply because that’s always how they have done it.  I just want churches like this to ask why and to examine themselves.  Maybe the tradition shouldn’t be the tradition any more.  Maybe you need to do something new.  The church is most likely not the same as when they started doing things that way, so why should it continue that way?

I would encourage you, if you are in a church full of traditions or not, to always ask why.  Always have a reason for what you are doing.  Because one day there might be a visitor in your church or a non-believer who asks why, and you want to be able to give them a better answer than, “because that’s what we do.”