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Vision Casting is important because it makes your idea of your company, department, or project (or in this case church) known. And it works best when you cast your vision in a way that motivates, inspires, and encourages your employees; in other words, you need them to catch your vision and really believe in it, too.

It is very important for a church staff to sit down and cast a vision of what they want to see their church look like in the future.  This vision casting does not necessarily have to focus on all the negative things you would like to see changed, but the hopes and dreams for the future.

It is so vital to your growth to know where you would like to go.  If your church does not have a goal, then how do you measure growth?  When a church knows where they are going, that is very attractive to its members and visitors.  People want to know where they are going.  It is exciting to have a goal in mind and be able to work towards and see that growth that happens over the years.

This vision can be as simple as a number, say: in five years we want to have 500 people in attendance.  It could be something like a plan to build a new children’s building.  Another idea is you are going to become known in the community by your deeds, people will recognize you not by your face but by your actions.  The possibilities for vision are numerous.

It is also important to not only cast vision for your church as a whole but also to have the “sections” within your church cast vision that ultimately support the complete vision.

Everyone is going somewhere and the trip is usually better when you have a road map.  God has a vision of where he would like to see humanity be, and he gave us a road map how to follow him.  We need road maps to ultimately follow him and pass out to others.