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In my Business Ethics class we have been talking about how to be a Christian in the business world.  I have take that a step further in my thinking.  How can you be a Christian business person in the Christian world?

From reading Branded, some of my thoughts were cemented about what some Christians think about the world of Business.  Tim Sinclair stated several times that many Christians question the motives of business people.  They think they are sacrificing their morals, that they only care about money, and that they will lie to make money.  When Christians are business people, research has shown that they often lose their credibility as Christians from other Christians.

I recently listened to a sermon by a man named Jim Street.  He was a pastor for 25 years when God called him to go out and get a job in the corporate world.  He said that he was “going into the most insecure world there is.”  The question that he asked himself throughout his time there was, “What can preachers say to the people that go into this world everyday?”  They should not have to go into it all alone.  How does the church help prepare people that enter into the business world?

At one point he said that we need to help young people figure out which career to pursue.  Is there a standard for what job is better for a Christian to do?  At one point he says, “We need Christian advertising agents.”  I was really glad that he said that.  When I first decided to go into business, specifically marketing, I had a Christian ask me, “So how will you working in advertising be able to enhance God’s kingdom?”  That question actually made me question myself and even change my major.  After a lot of thought I finally realized that I really did want to go into advertising and I thought that in that position I would indeed be an asset to God’s kingdom.  It took me a while to really feel confident in that because of the criticism of that one person.  I think that God needs people in every avenue of work, even the secular ones.  If not, how are those people ever going to see Christ being lived out in a daily way.

One of my favorite things that Street said in his sermon was that “We need to realize that the business place is one of the premiere mission fields of the world.”  He stated that you do not send a missionary into Haiti without help, support, and preparation, so what are we doing for the Christian business person?  The world needs Christian business men and women in the business world showing Christ in the workplace.  The church needs to build up and encourage these people, because they need it.

I think our churches will grow substantially if they were to support, pray for, encourage, and back their missionaries in the corporate mission field.  I hope to see the mindset towards business change in the future and to have a support team for those in that environment.  Because, just like missionaries, we cannot do it alone.