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“Aiming at everyone guarantees that you have targeted no one.”

Defining a target market is very important to church marketing.  Like this quote says, if you do not know who you want to reach, then you won’t reach anyone.

A target market by definition is, “A particular market segment at which a marketing campaign is focused.”

In my opinion, any way that you try to bring people into your church is a marketing campaign.  You are trying to “sell” them your product.  In order to do that you have to get them interested.  The way to do that is through marketing.

It is important to know your target market because that can change and influence your marketing campaign.  If my church is trying to reach 20-30 year olds, I am not going to send them written letters in the mail.  That won’t impress them and get them to come to the church.

It is very hard to effectively reach every single age group.  A church needs to have a target market.  Don’t feel bad if you aren’t the church for every age group, because not every church will (or should) have the same target market