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Something I see happening more and more in churches is the separation between adults and the youth.  Very often there is a specific youth church and the youth is not integrated into “big church”.

I know that there are several youth groups that struggle getting youth sponsors, and I believe that this is because of this separation between the youth and adults of the church.  Oftentimes if adults do not see the youth of a church interacting and being a part of the church, then they will be less inclined to be involved and active in the youth group.  Also, if the youth is not active with the adults, then who are they going to look up to as mentors?

I think that when there is integration between youth church and adult church, then that creates a healthier church more prone to growth.  I have learned many things from people older than me and also those younger than me.  We can learn from each other.  Each person and age group has a unique perspective and can help you see something you have not thought of before, and that can encourage growth and change.

I would rather see us come together than encourage further separation.