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“Today’s organizations face pressure to stay current, efficient and relevant.  This is especially true for nonprofit organizations, like churches,” said a Barna Group article.  In this article, Barna communicated the results of a survey of pastors of what they want to change in the future.

The first thing they stated that they wanted was clarity of vision and mission.  This is important to all organizations.  If an organization does not know their vision and mission, then they do not know what they are working toward and if a pastor does not know these things, then they cannot effectively communicate it to the congregation.  Barna noted that 22% of pastors selected this as a problem they hope to tackle in the future.

The second thing pastors (25%) said that they want to work on in the future is revamping their budget and investing in the churches future.  These investments would most likely be along the lines of facilities and equipment.

Thirdly, pastors hope to focus more on funding and staffing.  There are two things that churches almost always need, and that is money and volunteers.  It is no wonder that this is so high on the list.

The next thing that pastors stated they wanted to think about was the size of the church and the age of its leaders.  Many things that a pastor does depend on the size of the church.  Also, if there is no “fresh blood” coming into the church in terms of leadership, then it will become harder and harder to influence the incoming generation.

David Kinnaman, author of the Barna article, stated that “Like other organizational leaders, pastors are trying to right-size their efforts to the new economic, technological and social realities.”  According to this article, churches have many of the same concerns that other businesses have and they are too trying to make sure they stay relevant in the coming days.


Do you ever think about the future and wonder what it will be like?  Part of having a marketing strategy is knowing where you want to be in the future, and that means asking yourself questions about what you will look like.  Do you ever think about the status of the church beyond today? This year?  In thinking about that, these are some questions that I have. . .

Can a church ever be too big?

What will the church look like in the years to come?

What will be the biggest change to the church of the future?

Will the church ever be truly united on this earth?

Will there be more Christians or less in the next five years?

What can we do to make sure we continue to grow?


Do you have any answers?  How about any questions?  Are we too scared of the future to think about it?