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Churches that do not have a greeting ministry surprise me.  Why not?  Aren’t you glad they are here?

This is an easy thing to do that will have a great impact on the people that walk into your church.  And it does not even cost money to stand at the front door and welcome the people that come into church.  Just ask for volunteers to greet on Sunday mornings.  If you cannot get members to greet the new faces that walk into your building, then where is the heart of your church?

It is not hard to say “hi, how are you today?”  at least I hope it is not.  If it is, then maybe your church is not ready to accept visitors into the building.

Where are the priorities of the church if not with the people that walk into the building?  What message does it send a non-Christian that walks into a church and is not welcomed?  Not even handed a bulletin?  Is this a church that does not want guests or are they too stuck in their own way to grow?

How will you grow if you do not put effort into greeting, welcoming and making your guests feel comfortable?

A church is supposed to be a family.

If I bring a friend home and they are ignored and no one cares if they are there, will they want to go back?  Will I ever ask another friend again?  What if I was the friend and was invited into someone’s home and no one welcomed me?  How would I feel?  Would I ever want to go back?

What are your priorities saying about your church?

Why not take the step to greet those that walk into your building?

There is nothing to lose.  It won’t cost you anything.  But look at how much you will gain.

So, why not?